Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pack up and...

I should be making a list of what to pack.  I should be tossing out things I do not need/want/need...

Instead, I am practicing my illustrator non-skills.  Illustrator is difficult.  Youtube cures most of it, but still I am having a difficult time because I do not have enough time in the day.  Like I said, I need to pack.  I need to pack.  I need to flippin pack!!!

I think this was me venting.  Where can I buy sandals??  Where am I going?  I am moving, but I will talk more about that when I actually move.

Have you seen this?  This blog makes no sense, but at least I managed to post something.

A stitches.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Adventure is worthwile

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My threads

My heart had holes in it, and then I...

Sewed up the holes and...

Now it is whole...

This is my latest paper project.  Embroidery is a good time, and so is popcorn.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


It's August, and it's so hot I can barely stand it.  I need to get rid of things, and I need your help.  Want this pair of earrings (Retail: $39)???  Enter below to WIN!

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Teach a girl to POP her own popcorn and...

Teach a girl to POP her own popcorn and she will eat until she is SICK.  I am so FULL.  I could not stop my hand from reaching my mouth.  I bought the bag of organic yellow popping corn (Central Market brand) a month ago, or longer.  I was apprehensive about the task.  Would the oil jump out of the pan with viscious flames attached and remove my eyebrows?  Would the popcorn pop out of control and fill up the kitchen (in my happens JUST like that)?

None of that occurred.  Well, there was alot of popping and the lid to the pot was coming off sans flames aimed at my eyebrows.  I'm okay.  I'm stuffed. I'm a little sick because I'm too full.  I didn't stop eating until I got that rollercoaster feeling.  The one you get after eating and riding.  You have no choice.  You MUST ride the rollercoaster.  Lunch was just apart of life.  The ride was vital.  Eating this popcorn was exactly like that.  I will walk a bit sideways for a few hours, but it will pass.  It was well worth it.